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        Pulp & Paper Machine.(2 TPD to 100TPD total Plant)

        We do complete turnkey project.

        Mainrenance of paper , pulp, board, plant & machinery.

        Finance planning & arrangement of finance through financial institute or banks etc.

        Dismantling, Overhauling, Re-erectuion & commissioning of Plant.

        Modernization of paper plants.

        Manufacturing of pulp , paper, board, hand made paper machines.

        Converting Fax Paper-Coating.

        Environmental Solution.

        Rejection Handling Systems.

        SS Coating & Grinding of MG Cylinder/MS Dryer at site.

        Dismentling /Installation /Errection of 2nd hand Plants.

        Errectionning and commissioning of such plants.

        Project Management planning/Estimating/Scheduling/Cost Control/Sub Contracts Management.

        Procurement of Equipments/Installation/Errection

        Material Handling Systems.

        Pulping/Process Simulation.

        Paper Making/Mechanical-Pulping.

        Finishing of Paper-Sheeting/Reeling.

        After Sales Services.

        Servicing of Plants.

        Personnel training.

        Spare Parts.

        Repair & Rebuilds.

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