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        Secondary Fibres to get quality de-inked pulp.

        Wet Strenght laminated papers.

        Virgin pulp.

        Batch operation at consistency 12 - 20 % depending on the furnish. For Dumping high consistency pulper to remove plastics/ other wt contaminant without cutting it.


        Rotor Mounted on bearing Body and Belt Drive System with flat pulleys.

        Bearing body is bolted with vat.

        Vat is supported on 3 to 4 legs.

        VAT Contains 3 nos to 4 nos. baffles and bottom shaped for optimal circulation.

        Discharge hole is equipped with pneumatic pulp valve.


        Reduction in pulping time.

        Less power consumption in comparision with traditional pulping ( 30 KWH/ton ).

        No Cutting of contaminents.

        Low residual flake contents.

        low residual flake contents.

        Low residual stickies contents. .


        HHCP-4 -- 4 MQU -- 90 -- 120
        HHCP-6 -- 6 MQU -- 110 -- 150
        HHCP-8 -- 8 MQU -- 150 -- 200
        HHCP-12 --12 MQU --230 -- 300
        HHCP-16 --16 MQU --300 -- 400

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